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Hypnosis Education Association

HEA Presenter Application

HEA Presenter Application

Call for Hypnosis Education Presenters

The HEA welcomes and appreciates your desire to provide experiential and educational information to hypnotists in our organization.

You do not have to be a professional speaker or Certified Master Trainer of Hypnosis to speak at our events, but your topic must be aligned with the mission of the Hypnosis Education Association:

✔️To offer knowledge and education of the nature, uses and benefits of hypnosis to professional hypnotists and to the general public.

✔️To reduce misconceptions and fears about hypnosis.

✔️To establish and promote a hypnosis code of ethics.

We offer a virtual conference each year, as well as monthly meetings via Zoom.

You are welcome to apply to be a presenter for any/all of our events.

Please submit the form below to begin your application.

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